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Napisano 24 luty 2017 - 09:41

5000 Semanal  Many folks have asked just that question. Most times this question comes from career cubicle jockeys as they dream about sitting on beaches with their laptops instead of cold offices. These people just cannot believe that it can even be possible. If it were possible, then they have been wasting their lives fighting traffic and driving to work, listening to overbearing bosses and dealing with incompetent colleagues. Then there are other people who ask this question. These people are those that have tried this model and failed so they don't believe it to be possible at all. I will discuss both these personality types in this articl.

The skepticism of the first group of people is completely understandable. Of course, they are involved in the traditional ways of bringing home to bacon. Whether they are white or blue collar workers, they agree that making money requires doing work. A lot of them believe that work is not fun. It involves fighting traffic and going to a nine to five job. They are partly right! There is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme. You cannot make money without investing your own money, time or effort


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